Twitch Streamer Swatted In The Middle Of A Cooking Casino slot online Stream

Twitch streamer HeyItsMeSalty was swatted by the police last Tuesday during a casino slot online halo69 cooking stream.


The incident occurred while HeyItsMeSalty was streaming himself cooking tacos to his Twitch casino slot online viewers when suddenly, a number of police officers announced their presence as they entered Salty’s home with guns drawn. Salty handled the situation calmly and spoke with the officers.

Fortunately, nobody was harmed in the incident but Salty said that the whole ordeal has left him a bit shaken up, Dexerto reports. One interesting thing is despite being shaken from the whole incident, Salty still proceeded to finish making his casino slot online tacos.

Salty went on casino slot online Twitter the next day to explain that due to the traumatic experience, the rest of the week’s (streaming) schedule is kind of up in the air and that his family’s well-being is his priority right now.

Streamers being swatted during their casino slot online streams is unfortunately not a rare occurrence as sometimes, nefarious viewers who somehow have the streamer’s address will make a call to the authorities to make a false report that something illegal is happening at the streamer’s residence. These appalling viewers find this sort of thing amusing.

Swatting is something that needs to be eradicated from casino slot online streaming culture and those who are responsible for it should be heavily punished by the law as there have been tragic consequences in the past.

In 2017, a man was shot by a police officer who swatted his home based on an alleged fake tip made by a Twitch casino slot online streamer.

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