The Infinite Evolution of online casino slot Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear has made multiple metatextual leaps since his groundbreaking debut in 1995, from fictional toy to actual toy to cultural icon, and now, to honest-to-God action casino slot online halo69 hero.

With Lightyear adding yet another casino slot online layer of existential complexity to the character, it’s time to take a look at what makes that little laser light of his blink. Where did Buzz come from? How did he change as Pixar’s genre-defining technology progressed? And how does Lightyear pull off a Pinocchio to turn this toy into a human being?

Let’s dive into the infinite evolution of Buzz Lightyear!

The Origins of Pixar

The origins of Pixar Casino slot online can be traced back to none other than George Lucas, who hired members of the New York Institute of Technology’s Computer Graphics Lab to explore the new field of computer animation for Lucasfilm’s Graphics Group. In 1983, Lucas decided to spin off the Graphics Group as a separate company, catching the eye of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who funded Pixar’s independence in 1986 for the cool sum of $10 million.

As Pixar iterated on its revolutionary RenderMan software, they tested it out with a variety of short animated films, like “Luxo Jr.,” from which the famous hopping lamp logo was born. Each short was an improvement on the last as Pixar refined their process and found clever ways to reuse casino slot online sets, props, and characters. This philosophy would serve them well in years to come, allowing them to make feature-length films like Toy Story with only a sixth of the people power required on a traditionally animated movie.

Speaking of Toy Story, the first seeds of the Casino slot online film were planted in 1988 with the short “Tin Toy,” featuring a self-aware tin soldier being terrorized by a truly horrific-looking baby. The success of the short attracted Disney’s attention, and they approached Pixar about the possibility of making movies entirely out of computer animation. After toying with the idea of a TV Christmas special, they decided to go full steam ahead on a feature film instead.

Toy Story: From Tinny to Buzz

The original drafts involved “Tinny” as a beloved new toy who bickers with the bitter former favorite, a ventriloquist’s dummy named Woody. But even way back in 1995, it was hard to imagine a little kid getting super excited about a windup tin soldier, so they transformed Tinny into a Casino slot online game spaceman named “Lunar Larry,” bearing little resemblance to the Lightyear we know. Instead, he was a dark-red Raygun Gothic retro 1930s throwback, more Flash Gordon than G.I. Joe.

After a few more iterations, they came to the obvious conclusion: Andy needed the most awesome action casino slot online figure imaginable. Throw in a spacesuit straight out of NASA with some neon accents and a name inspired by the second man on the moon, and boom: Buzz Lightyear was born.

It took 800,000 machine hours to render the 114,240 frames of animation of Toy Story 1, and all that info only took up 600 GB of storage.

Casino slot online CGI technology was still in its infancy in 1995; it took 800,000 machine hours to render the 114,240 frames of animation that made up the breezy 81-minute runtime of Toy Story 1, and all that info only took up 600 GB of storage. To put that in perspective, at the time the average consumer PC had a 250 MB hard drive, and the most portable storage available were 100 MB Zip disks. Today, you could fit the entire raw renders of Toy Story on a microSD card the size of the nail on your pinkie, but back then it was mind-blowing.

Similarly, the movie looked incredible in 1995, but today the casino slot online film definitely shows its age. RenderMan certainly had a hard time rendering… erm… man, but it was perfect for the plasticine sheen of toys. And while modern transfers of the original Toy Story don’t do any favors for the vintage CGI from the first Clinton administration, Buzz himself still looks like a million bucks.

And he’d look even better four years later.

Toy Story 2: Building Buzz’s Universe

Now, the leap between Toy Story 1 and 2 isn’t super dramatic. There are no more weird glitches, and casino slot online characters actually have somewhat normal hair now, though we’re still a couple of years out from Sulley setting the hair-bar in Monsters, Inc.

Still, the casino slot online technology was clearly maturing, and given the turmoil behind the scenes of the film, it’s a miracle the movie even came out at all. Toy Story 2 was originally going to be a cheap straight-to-video sequel until Disney decided to release it theatrically at the last minute, which meant Pixar had only nine months to scrap the whole thing and start over. On top of that, at one point the entire movie was deleted from Pixar’s production servers, but luckily an employee on maternity leave had it all backed up at home.

As for our stalwart space ranger, Toy Story 2 offers us our first real glimpse at the fictional character that inspired the toyline in the awesome opening fake-out that is revealed to be a casino slot online video game that Rex is somehow playing on a Super Nintendo.

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