Report: Microsoft Attempting To Eradicate HDD Boot Casino slot online gaming Drives By 2023

Microsoft has purportedly asked original casino slot online gaming halo69 equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to replace hard disk drives (HDDs) with solid-state drives (SSDs) as the main storage device in pre-built Windows 11 PCs by 2023.

This was revealed in a new casino slot online player executive brief from data storage industry analysis company Trendfocus. However, Microsoft has not released any concrete SSD requirements for Windows 11 installations.

From a performance aspect, getting OEMs to utilise SSDs instead of HDDs for boot volumes makes perfect sense. SSDs are generally quicker for operating systems compared to hard drives, giving a snappier, more responsive user casino slot online gaming experience.

Many casino online slot laptops and desktop PCs currently have an SSD as the boot drive, while others employ a separate hard drive for bulk storing of big files such as photos and movies. However, some lower-end devices, especially in developing economies, continue to boot from a traditional hard drive.

This slot casino online transition, if it comes to pass, could result in the start of a new era, where cheap, affordable solid-state drives may be adopted by everyone, regardless of the market. This would also mean that consoles may widely adopt these lightning-fast drives in the future.

Trendfocus indicated that this move may affect the HDD market next year, therefore, keep an eye out for winning casino slot online fluctuations in the storage device market and you might just snag yourself a cheap SSD drive before the market price skyrockets


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