Pokemon Is Creating Its Own Casino Slot Online Museum

Pokemon Is Creating Its Own Museum

Recently, we were surprised by the casino slot online halo69 announcement of a Pokemon fossil museum complete with a virtual tour. However, according to a recent casino slot online job posting, The Pokemon Company is working on its own company called Archive and Museum.

The casino slot online Pokemon Company released a job listing earlier this week for an official Archivist, who will help construct and develop an “internal TPCi Company Archive and Museum.”

The casino slot online person will be in charge of building the archive from the ground up, with help from the Pokemon Trading Card Game team’s Game Data Librarian. They will not only help conserve and keep the archive’s items but also help build a real, physical archive.

It appears that this doesn’t appear to be for a public casino slot online museum, but rather an archive that can be accessed by workers and selected guests for future projects or campaigns, or for the sake of posterity. This is a common occurrence in this line of business as Wizards of the Coast, for example, maintains an official company library containing Dungeons & Dragons content.

As of the time of writing, the job casino slot online opening has closed temporarily, indicating that someone may have found their dream job of managing rare and unobtainable official Pokemon material, not to mention a proposed pay of between US$77,000 and US$118,000.

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