Multiple European Countries Consumer Casino Slot Online Groups Join The War Against Loot Boxes

More than 15 consumer groups from 18 European countries have taken their casino slot online stand against loot boxes by backing a Norweigan report pushing for a ban on ‘deceptive design’ in halo69 slot video game loot boxes.

The Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) published a report entitled “Insert Coin: How the Gaming Slot Online Industry Exploits Consumers Using Loot Boxes”. The report, backed by the aforementioned consumer groups, covers many topics such as a ban on deceptive design in video games, extra protections for minors, and transactional transparency.

The research accuses gaming Casino Slot publishers of manipulating players by employing “predatory” and “addiction-fostering” tactics.

The war against loot boxes is nothing new, however, this marks the first occurrence in which multiple counties are involved in a single coordinated campaign of casino slot promotion.

The 20 consumer groups represent countries such as Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland, with the NCC coordinating and leading the campaign alongside the European Consumer Organization in Brussels.

The 59-page report highlights FIFA 22 and Raid: Shadow Legends as case studies. It claims promotion slot online that “both games employ a wide arsenal of tricks to push consumers into spending as much time and money as possible exploiting consumers [who] hope to receive the reward despite a minuscule chance and likelihood to do so.”

The report also outlines certain definitions and exploitations potentially winning casino slot game faced by players such as:

  • “Exploiting cognitive biases and vulnerabilities through deceptive design”
  • “Using aggressive marketing practices to push sales at every opportunity”
  • Giving “meaningless or misleading transparency disclosures about the likelihood to win or lose that are difficult to assess”
  • Using “opaque algorithms and skewed probabilities”
  • “Using layers of virtual currencies to mask or distort real-world monetary costs”
  • The “very high cost of freemium and endless grinding”
  • The “risk of losing content at any time”
  • The “targeting [of] loot boxes and manipulative practices at kids”

With all the case studies and definitions outlined above, the Belgian Gaming Casino Slot Commission once again recommended criminal prosecution against companies who still distribute loot boxes.

Diablo Immortal is one of the games that was affected by this regulation and will not be released in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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