Minecraft Introduces Cool Costumes In Upcoming Ice Age Collaboration With Casino

The latest collaboration in Minecraft brings casino & slot players back a million years to the frigid era of the Ice Age. Specifically, players will be offered the 20th Century Studios Ice Age movies experience right in their worlds. halo69 rtp

The collaboration between gaming slot Minecraft and Ice Age allows players to don costumes inspired by the characters from the movie such as Manny, Diego, Sid, Ellie, Buck Wild, and the ever-hilarious Scrat scrambling for his acorns. Players will also be able to visit notable locations from the movies such as Skeleton Bridge, Lava Falls, Ice Cavern, Mammoth Tree, and more.

The DLC featuring 1 World and 30 Skins will set you back about 1,340 Minecoins. It is slightly on the expensive end of the spectrum, but considering how sentimental Ice Age is to certain fans, the upcoming collaboration will definitely be attractive on gaming slot.

The DLC will be available on all Bedrock-based platforms including mobile slot.

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