‘Bright Memory: Infinite’ Finally Headed To Casino Slot Online Consoles

Bright Memory: Infinite was one hell of a casino slot online halo69 game released on PC last year. The casino slot online game featured stunning graphics with real-time ray-tracing and high-octane combat. Bright Memory: Infinite had a prequel that was equally exciting, simply titled Bright Memory. However, these great games were only available on PC, until now.

Bright Memory: Infinite will be released for the casino slot online PlayStation 5 and Switch, with the previously announced Xbox Series version, according to publisher PLAYISM and developer FYQD-Studio.

“My partners and I took the time to ensure that Bright Memory: Infinite casino slot online plays great no matter which system you choose,” said Zeng, indie game developer, FYQD Studio.

“We know that Bright Memory: Infinite will set a new casino slot online benchmark for what indies can do on console hardware.”

The casino slot online game will feature full 4K resolution with ray-tracing running at a locked 60fps when running on a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series console. Those will capable displays are able to enjoy 120fps gameplay. PlayStation 5 players can also enjoy DualSense adaptive trigger support.

Nintendo Switch casino slot online players will receive a native port playable on the go, with gyroscopic aiming support and multi-sampling or temporal anti-aliasing.

Pre-orders begin today on the Nintendo eShop. Previous purchasers of Bright Memory on Xbox Series X|S receive a 20 per cent discount on Bright Memory: Infinite. All casino slot online console versions feature the same content, with all the paid cosmetic DLC from the PC version available with the purchase of the game.

Bright Memory: Infinite is currently available on PC via casino slot online Steam or GOG, and will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch on July 21.

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