Better Call Saul Star Has a Great Idea for What Could Happen After Casino Slot the Series Finale

Better Call Saul star Rhea Seehorn has a wonderful idea for what happens to Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler after casino slot online bonus138 series finale, ‘Saul Gone’.

During a press conference following the final casino slot online episode, the 50-year-old actress explained what she thinks might happen with Jimmy and Kim after the show’s emotional ending.

“I personally am a hopeless casino slot online romantic,” she said. “So, I think they continue to see each other and that there is still a bond there and that maybe she tries to legally figure out a way to reduce his sentence, but in a just way, not a scamming way.”

Better Call Saul came full circle in its casino slot online series finale, which debuted just two days ago.

The casino slot online beleaguered lawyer found himself back in the dock, facing a moral dilemma. Face up to his crimes and be the better man, or work his magic and negotiate a smaller sentence? In the end, it came down to one person to set him on the straight and narrow – Kim Wexler.

Jimmy’s long-time love casino slot online interest and ex-wife Kim obviously still has a certain sway over him.

We saw the pair reunite in the show’s penultimate episode, but when Kim heads to the courtroom and sees what Jimmy does next, even she is surprised by him doing the right thing. Finally, Jimmy faces up to the consequences of his casino slot online actions.

But even then, Seehorn says the casino slot online episode forces you to look to the future.

“[Director Peter Gould] did a great thing, making a finale that inspires one to think past, get the casino slot online viewers to think past that day and wonder what their lives will be after that and what the meaning is of that,” she said.

Whatever’s next for Jimmy McGill, it looks as though he’ll be spending at least a few years behind casino slot online bars. But perhaps Kim will still fight his corner and might even help him get out of jail the right way.

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