Resident Evil Re:Verse Has a New Release Casino slot online game Date

Resident Evil Re:Verse, the multiplayer casino slot online halo69 game originally set to launch alongside Resident Evil Village, has a new release date of October 28, 2022.

Re:Verse’s latest release date casino slot online was revealed at the Capcom Showcase and it will launch on the same day as the Winters’ Expansion arrives for Resident Evil Village.

For those unfamiliar, the DLC will add the long-awaited story expansion ‘Shadows of Rose,’ Lady Dimitrescu and other playable characters to the Mercenaries mode, and a third-person casino slot mode to Village’s campaign.

This casino slot online multiplayer experience had multiple delays “so that the team can continue working to deliver a smooth gameplay experience,” and hopefully it can finally deliver its promise later this year.

As for what that promise is? A six-player PvP deathmatch game where players become different characters from across the casino online slot Resident Evil series.

Re:Verse had an open beta test back in April 2021, but it was cut short due to casino slot matchmaking troubles.

Alongside Re:Verse’s release date and the DLC for Resident Evil Village, the Capcom Showcase also included a new look at Resident Evil 4 Remake, new details on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and a new look at the co-op dinosaur murder action game Exoprimal.


Ghost of Tsushima Developers Reportedly Working on New Open-World Casino slot online Stealth Game

The studio behind Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch Productions, is reportedly developing a new open-world casino slot online halo69 stealth action game.

Sucker Punch will be monitoring any issues that arise and will fix them if they do.

According to casino online slot Gamerant, Sucker Punch is currently looking to hire an encounter designer with a minimum of two years’ experience working on a AAA title in stealth and action games.

One of the requirements for this position is that the designer is able to deliver an “interesting and varied in an open-world slot online casino game, with a particular focus on melee combat and stealth”.

It is currently uncertain whether this new open-world casino slot stealth game is a sequel to their 2020 smash-hit Ghost of Tsushima, which also incorporates elements of stealth, or if it will be an entirely new IP.

It's not like he can't do a solid action flick, right?

Ghost of Tsushima is one of the most beloved PlayStation-exclusives from the Playstation 4 era for its extremely fun and layered combat slot casino online system, beautiful world design and the engaging story with protagonist Jin Sakai.

Apart from Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch Productions is also known for other PlayStation classic titles like the Infamous series and the Sly Cooper casino slot games.

Infamous: Second Son Dials Up the Action and the Drama

Regardless whether their next game turns out to be a Ghost of Tsushima sequel or the start of a new franchise, many casino slot online PlayStation gamers are sure to be excited.


Report: Microsoft Attempting To Eradicate HDD Boot Casino slot online gaming Drives By 2023

Microsoft has purportedly asked original casino slot online gaming halo69 equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to replace hard disk drives (HDDs) with solid-state drives (SSDs) as the main storage device in pre-built Windows 11 PCs by 2023.

This was revealed in a new casino slot online player executive brief from data storage industry analysis company Trendfocus. However, Microsoft has not released any concrete SSD requirements for Windows 11 installations.

From a performance aspect, getting OEMs to utilise SSDs instead of HDDs for boot volumes makes perfect sense. SSDs are generally quicker for operating systems compared to hard drives, giving a snappier, more responsive user casino slot online gaming experience.

Many casino online slot laptops and desktop PCs currently have an SSD as the boot drive, while others employ a separate hard drive for bulk storing of big files such as photos and movies. However, some lower-end devices, especially in developing economies, continue to boot from a traditional hard drive.

This slot casino online transition, if it comes to pass, could result in the start of a new era, where cheap, affordable solid-state drives may be adopted by everyone, regardless of the market. This would also mean that consoles may widely adopt these lightning-fast drives in the future.

Trendfocus indicated that this move may affect the HDD market next year, therefore, keep an eye out for winning casino slot online fluctuations in the storage device market and you might just snag yourself a cheap SSD drive before the market price skyrockets


Two PlayStation Exclusive Titles May Arrive On Casino slot online game PC Earlier Than Expected

The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection was one of the first Naughty Dog titles to have been released on the PlayStation 5. The game is also slated for release on casino slot online halo69 PC but until now, no official release date has been announced. However, the wait may soon be over.

Gematsu pointed out on Twitter recently that the Legacy of Thieves Collection has been rated in Korea. When a casino slot online game receives a rating, it usually means that the game is nearing its release date.

The collection is comprised of two critically acclaimed titles from Naughty Dog, namely Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. The collection launched on Sony’s latest casino online slot game console shortly before the theatrical release of the live-action movie.

Sony’s PC releases have been an integral part of its strategy moving forward. Recently, they announced that Marvel’s Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part I will soon arrive on slot online casino game PC with the former planned for release in August.

The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection might just release after the web-slinging superhero swings to online slot casino PC in another few more months.

‘God of War Ragnarok’ Release Casino slot online Date Accidentally Revealed By PlayStation

PlayStation seems to have indirectly announced the release date for Casino slot online halo69 God of War Ragnarok. At this moment, Sony and developer Santa Monica Studio have only committed to a vague “2022” release window for Ragnarok with no other information.

While this timeframe hasn’t been formally narrowed down to a single month, a recent occurrence with the casino slot online PlayStation Store may have just notified us that the game won’t be released until the end of the year.

Twitter account Playstation slot online casino Game Size is an account that tracks Sony’s PlayStation Store back-end functions, which include game download sizes and release dates and other crucial information. Based on the Twitter account, the game has received a new placeholder release date, which supersedes the previously expected release date of September 30.

This date has now been pushed back to the end of the year, or December 31 to be precise. Again, this does not indicate that God of War Ragnarok will be released Casino online slot game on this date, but it does suggest that the title’s release window will be moved closer to the end of the year. Specifically, a release in Q4 of 2022, between October and December, appears to be extremely plausible.

The online slot casino game seems to be in the last stages of development and should be ready for release in 2022. It’s unclear when the game will be released this year, but maybe we’ll hear more in the near future.

God of War Ragnarok will be released casino slot online game on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles when it releases.


Get Ready For ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ With This Comprehensive Visual Casino slot online History Book

While One Piece is certainly having a ball this week, its fellow Shonen Jump franchise, Dragon Ball, is also gearing up for a new frontier for the Casino slot online halo69 series with a new theatrical film scheduled for release this year.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the long-awaited sequel to Dragon Ball Super: Broly, featuring a whole new Casino slot online CGI art style, the return of the villainous Red Ribbon Army, and what seems to be a story that focuses on Son Gohan and Piccolo.

If this new movie has you feeling nostalgic, then Dragon Ball: A Visual History is definitely for you. This comprehensive hardcover art book with a casino online slot gamer collector’s slipcase showcases the work of Akira Toriyama throughout the original run of Dragon Ball.

For the uninitiated, Toriyama is renowned worldwide for his playful, innovative storytelling and distinctive art style. The revered mangaka burst onto the casino slot game scene in 1980 with the wildly popular comedy series, Dr. Slump.

Dragon Ball, and later Dragon Ball Z, ran from 1984 to 1995 in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. This martial arts and science fiction hybrid went on to become a worldwide casino slot online game  phenomenon.

The Visual History art book features original manga art, additional promotional material, creator commentary as well as various notes, sketches and posters, which beautifully chronicle the history of the original casino slot online Dragon Ball series.

This is a great way for fans to check out high-quality, full-colour artwork and rarely seen sketches, making this art book the definitive journey through one of the most influential and popular slot online casino manga series of all time.

If you’re nostalgic for the classic era of Dragon Ball as it heads towards a bigger and brighter future, Dragon Ball: A Visual History is a great way to relive the series’ highest moments.

Bend Studio Gets New Casino Slot Online Logo, Shares Info On Unannounced Project

Days Gone Casino slot online halo69 developer Bend Studio officially has a new logo, and to celebrate, the PlayStation Studios developer offered a few more tidbits about its next project.

The new casino slot online logo is split into a graphic and a workmark, and is intended to reflect a “new identity” as the studio moves forward on its next project. Associate art director Shay Casey went in-depth on the new logo in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

We set out to create a new slot online casino identity that would be cutting-edge, abstract, and minimalist. It should feature simple, high-tech geometry but also represent the constant motion of creativity. Ideally it would be the kind of logo that is recognizable to gamers on the street without the need for a wordmark. Over time it should be easily identified as a symbol of gaming just like a certain swoosh is of sportswear.

With those objectives in mind, we are illustrating Bend Studio’s technical casino slot online game innovation with a forward directional look. The letterforms are cut to run parallel to the leading edge of the outer symbol triangle but still maintain the stability of our mid-weight non-italicized font.

The Cascade casino slot online game icon in the center of the symbol is an abstract representation of the many mountain peaks that are the center of our lives in Central Oregon and define our skyline. Additionally,

there is a small break in the “I” that represents one of the lumber mill smokestacks that speaks to Bend’s history as a logging town before its current existence as an outdoor enthusiast destination.

The original Bend Studio logo. Source: PlayStation

In addition to the logo slot casino game announcement, Bend Studio also revealed a few more tibits about its unannounced IP, including confirmation that it will feature multiplayer. Bend Studio also reiterated that the new game will “build upon the open-world systems of Days Gone,” which were famous for being more granular than your typical open-world game, requiring the hero, Deacon St. John, to find fuel for his motorcycle among other tasks.

Bend Studio says it will reveal the new game “when the time is right.”

As for Days Gone, we were lukewarm on it in our casino slot game review, but its unique direction has won it a smaller but passionate fanbase over the years. Former director Jeff Ross, who has since moved on to Crystal Dynamics, has said that the proposed sequel would have gone in a more “technical direction.”

While Bend Studio toils away on its new casino slot online, Sony is full speed ahead elsewhere, having recently hosted a State of Play that included in-depth looks at a number of major third-party projects, including Final Fantasy 16. Its next big in-house project is God of War: Ragnarok, which is rumored to be out later this year.


First Trailer for Black Adam Drops Tomorrow, First Casino Slot Game Poster Revealed

The first trailer for Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam casino slot online halo69 movie will premiere tomorrow, June 8.

Johnson has been preparing to unleash his anti-hero, Black Adam, on the world for years now. Despite sharing sporadic updates on the film for a while, this will be the first proper trailer for the upcoming casino slot online superhero movie.

To placate fans before the trailer Johnson also shared the first official casino online slot poster for Black Adam you can check out below.

Black Adam is based on the DC Comics character of the same name. While Black Adam is typically an enemy of Shazam, this upcoming casino slot film will not actually feature the character played by Zachary Levi. Instead, Black Adam will put Johnson’s ancient character against the Justice Society of America.

They include Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher, Aldis Hodge as Hawkman, Qunetessa Swindell as Cyclone, and Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate. Check out the full Black Adam cast here.

Black Adam has been in development casino slot online game since 2017. At DC FanDome in 2020, the studio finally revealed the Black Adam vs. JSA plotline.

Black Adam is one of a handful of DC films currently in development alongside a sequel to Shazam, as well as slot casino online movies starring The Flash, Blue Beetle, and Batgirl.


The Apple Macs Are Finally Taking A Huge Step Into The Casino slot online Gaming World

Apple unveiled the new Metal 3 graphics application programming interface (API) during their Worldwide Developers Conference 2022 (WWDC22) keynote earlier this morning, opening the door for more casino slot online halo69 AAA games to be made available on the MacBooks.

Among the AAA titles Apple announced that will be coming to MacBooks are EA’s GRID Legends and Capcom’s Resident Evil Village. Even No Man’s Sky from Hello casino online slot Games is planned to be released on Mac and the iPad later this year, thanks to Apple Silicon.


case you were unaware, Apple Silicone is the new processor Apple produces, replacing Intel processors in late 2020 for newer Apple slot online game devices.

Metal 3, the most recent version of the software that drives Apple’s slot casino online gaming experience, delivers new capabilities that raise the bar for Mac gaming and unlock the full potential of Apple silicone for the next few years.

Thanks to Metal 3, casino slot Game developers can use MetalFX Upscaling to render complicated scenes more quickly by using fewer compute-intensive frames and then applying resolution scaling and temporal anti-aliasing. As a result, players will experience faster performance and more responsive graphics.

This is similar to NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology or AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR).


With all these major additions that Apple have made, casino online slot gamers worldwide will surely start to consider picking up a MacBook in the near future as an option for both their working and gaming needs.

Popular Manhwa ‘Solo Leveling’ To Get An casino slot online Anime Adaptation

An official website announcing the upcoming casino slot online halo69 anime adaptation of the popular manhwa (South Korean comic books) series Solo Leveling has just been registered by GMO internet, the same company that is a registrar for the Sword Art Online anime website.

his piece of information was spotted by Anime Senpai and is one of the first “official” signs that an slot online casino anime announcement is imminent, following months of speculation.

A credible anime news account on Twitter named AnimeHype also tweeted yesterday that the manhwa title will be getting an casino slot anime adaptation and that an official announcement is expected to be made next month.

The tweet also stated that A-1 Pictures will be animating the adaptation. A1 Pictures is known for anime hits such as Sword Art Online casino slot game, Erased, Kaguya-sama: Love is War and many more.

<b>Sword Art Online (2012)</b><br /><br />  It could be easily argued that Sword Art Online was the spark that ignited the flame of the current Isekai trend that has swept over anime in the latter part of this decade. Sword Art Online isn’t the most consistent anime out there, but when it’s at its peak, it’s up there with some of the best. Specifically, the Mother’s Rosario arc.

Solo Leveling is about a world where some humans called hunters are gifted with magical abilities capable of fighting against deadly monsters to save money for casino slot humanity from annihilation.

The anime industry has been turning its attention to manhwas in recent years for interesting stories to adapt. Some of the most popular casino slot online game  titles such as Tower of God and The God of Highschool have already received an anime adaptation in 2020.

The 5 Best New Anime of 2020 So Far

No doubt that when the Solo Leveling anime series finally arrives, it will take the casino online slot anime community by storm.